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Eye Tests

Our task is to provide the very best quality eye test and, therefore, dedicate sufficient time to all  patients to deliver the best in eye care. Regular eye tests not only ensure your quality of vision is maintained but can also give early  identification of conditions like type 2 diabeties and high blood pressure.
We recommend you have an eye test every two years and annual intervals for children or those aged 70 and over.


We carry a wide range and style of spectacle frames to suit all personal preferences and budgets. If we don't have exactly what you are looking for then we can show you an even wider choice which can be supplied at a few days notice.

Health Care

Optionally during your eye examination we can use an Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) machine to take images of your eyes. The images we record have high resolution which allows your Optometrist to look at the retina and the interior of your eye in great detail. This helps to detect potentially serious eye conditions such as diabetic macular conditions and macular degeneration. Your Optometrist can also see the optical arteries in true colour imagery which is particularly beneficial to check for fat deposits which can be indicator of heart disease. We cannot diagnose this, but your Optometrist will refer you to your GP. Our regular charge for this valuable service £25.

Contact Lenses

If you are wanting a more practical alternative to wearing your glasses when doing sports, socialising or even for general every day use then contact lenses can be great.
At your initial consultation we will discuss the best options for you and teach you how to insert, remove and care for the contact lenses properly before taking them for a trial.

How We Work

Our number one priority is the health of your eyes and you achieving the best vision possible. We offer quality glasses at a reasonable price with a professional friendly service. We treat every patient as an individual and aim to ensure all aspects of your eye care needs are met.  

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